I’m a Graphic Designer specializing in Motion Graphics with experience in VFX, Character Animation, and Explainer Videos. My work has been seen on social media, in film festivals, in higher education, and through B2B. The tools I primarily work with are After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and Cinema 4d.

I have been freelancing for 14 years and worked with a range of clients at different phases of production. From websites and logos to bumper videos and commercials. I have the expertise to make your brand shine in many digital mediums.

The main navigation of this site filters projects by their meta tags except for the about page and the personal work link which redirects to Deviant Art where I house my experimental content. You can also find my photography and life events prior to 2018 at my Instagram. However, Facebook, has become my primary source for slice of life updates since they consolidated the company.