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Roth Shirt Co – Traverse City

I was interested in Roth Shirt Co’s brand and wanted to work with a local company to expand their social media influence. Here are several attempts to find their niche in animation.

MOD – Logo animation

This was an advertisement Mod and Co could use if they wanted to expand their design offerings to include Motion Graphics.

Magick Pants

Magick Pants Character Animator is a Rigging Software, I envisioned for After Effects and Adobe Illustrator, to expedite workflow.Above is a banner ad that would advertise on asscripts, creativecow, and other motion graphics web pages.

Tesla Tips – Advice from the “Mad Scientist”

Nikola Tesla was considered one of the first “mad” scientists. Known for his theatrical displays of electricity, standing directly in the line of arcs of AC current, to prove it was safe. To his reclusive nature by moving his lab to Colorado to experiment away

The High Road : Broken Bells – Music Video

We explored the creation of unique characters based upon silhouettes, crafting an intriguing story, and testing our abilities to produce a full 3 minute video in under two weeks. Developed independently of Broken Bells for the HUB showcase at Full Sail University.