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Logo Collection 2022: top four

This year I expanded into logos, it’s one of my favorite things to do, creating iconic glyphs to symbolize a company. The following post is a small batch of logos I created over the year featuring work from the Grand Rapids area and beyond using

Roth Shirt Co – Traverse City

I was interested in Roth Shirt Co’s brand and wanted to work with a local company to expand their social media influence. Here are several attempts to find their niche in animation.

Dragon Seed Book Cover

A while back I was wandering my library and found this old book called Dragon Seed by Pearl S. Buck. I was intrigued because I thought it might be about China. Since the book had no cover, I thought it would be appropriate to redesign

Academic Innovation

While working in the Instructional Design Department, under Academic Innovation at Full Sail University, I had some free time to come up with new logos for us to use across the department.

Magick Pants

Magick Pants Character Animator is a Rigging Software, I envisioned for After Effects and Adobe Illustrator, to expedite workflow.Above is a banner ad that would advertise on asscripts, creativecow, and other motion graphics web pages.

Motion Graphics Trans-demographic Rubric

While working in the Motion Graphics Department at Full Sail University I was given time to redesign our rubrics. These Educational materials had to quickly convey the concepts behind our curriculum and how we would be grading students.

The High Road : Broken Bells – Music Video

We explored the creation of unique characters based upon silhouettes, crafting an intriguing story, and testing our abilities to produce a full 3 minute video in under two weeks. Developed independently of Broken Bells for the HUB showcase at Full Sail University.

Full Sail University Running Club

Full Sail is a fast-paced learning experience with eight-hour workdays and open labs that last into the night. For me, running was a great way to get my mind off deadlines and decompress from school. This was a club concept for future students to use