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Dragon Seed Book Cover

A while back I was wandering my library and found this old book called Dragon Seed by Pearl S. Buck. I was intrigued because I thought it might be about China. Since the book had no cover, I thought it would be appropriate to redesign

Alzheimer’s Association Grand Rapids

Getting more involved in the local community is something I like to do. After meeting with the Grand Rapids Young Professionals during their “People” zoom meeting I contacted the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to give my services for the walk. I started by

Queen’s Eye Spiced Rum

  Each spring break ushers in a paradigm of fun.With a new bottle designed to limit party-fouls,Queen’s Eye spiced rum is sure to be a staple at your next shindig.

Full Sail University Ecosystem

During my two years in the Instructional Design department, there was a major shift at Full Sail University.We moved from being a “straight shot” program moving from A to B to a more integrated approach that gave students time to focus on their portfolios throughout

Sounds of a Supernova

An explosion is a highly fragile structure. In an instant, it occurs and disappears. Now, this visualization is to show the supernova in its earliest stages. Imagine a high-speed camera viewing this spectacular event and listen to the gravity waves it makes.

Ethel Halloween Trailer

    One of the first projects I worked on in Full Sail’s Instructional Design team was VFX for Ethel.They gave me an opportunity to show off my skills from Super’mance and I had a lot of fun.There were times when I wasn’t sure what


After going to an open casting call for this UCF student short film I offered my VFX services to Ryan James. It began in earnest as a couple tests to show what I was capable of… Together, we worked on more than 100 VFX shots

The High Road : Broken Bells – Music Video

We explored the creation of unique characters based upon silhouettes, crafting an intriguing story, and testing our abilities to produce a full 3 minute video in under two weeks. Developed independently of Broken Bells for the HUB showcase at Full Sail University.