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2020 Demo Reel

This Demo Reel contains scenes from the following projects. VFX, 3D, Animation, Typography – SupermanceVFX, Editing – Adobe Make the Cut: BelieverVFX – Shooting Clerks: The Kevin Smith BiopicVector, 3D, Animation, Writing – Tesla Tips: Advice for the Mad ScientistVector, Animation, Writing – Captain Tarter

VFX Reel

The shots in this come from Super’mance and Ethell.

2017 Demo Reel

This year was a blast working in the Instructional Design Department. We had the opportunity to work with several subject matter experts for courses in different degrees and campus-wide roll-outs. I also spent time on a couple of personal projects and freelance work.

2015 Demo Reel

2015 was a great year as a Lab Specialist at Full Sail University. They asked me again to develop curriculum, this time for campus students. With the Motion Graphic Course Directors I created tutorials and practicums. Moved into a new residence where I began to amp up

2013 Demo Reel

2013 was a  pretty awesome year, began catching my stride as a artist and educator. You could also say this was the start of my motion graphic freelance career. Music Videos for Radiohead, Web Cartoon Series Coco and Steve, and VFX tests for Super’mance.

2010 Demo Reel

This is the year I graduate from Full Sail University! It’s been a fun trip with so many great people. Together we spent countless hours together in and out of class. Each had their own unique style and we celebrated those differences. Honestly, our class