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Michigan Lottery Collages

“New” from the Michigan Lottery. (not really) Try out one of our three new instant prize games. With Jackpots ranging from mild to absurd, you’re sure to have a grand old time.

Stop Motion Rig Test

This idea came during downtime between Flying Robot Production Projects a year or so ago to advertise myself. I’ve been meaning to utilize it in a music video, but for now, it will have to work as the beginning of a digital portfolio on Youtube.

Dragon Seed Book Cover

A while back I was wandering my library and found this old book called Dragon Seed by Pearl S. Buck. I was intrigued because I thought it might be about China. Since the book had no cover, I thought it would be appropriate to redesign

VFX Reel

The shots in this come from Super’mance and Ethell.

Make the Cut: Believer – Imagine Dragons // Music Video

        Adobe Make the Cut: featuring music by Imagine Dragons. Starting in March 18th Adobe revealed the assets for this contest. Entrants were given until April 8th to complete their unique cut and submit. Each contestant had different skills and faced similar challenges

Sounds of a Supernova

An explosion is a highly fragile structure. In an instant, it occurs and disappears. Now, this visualization is to show the supernova in its earliest stages. Imagine a high-speed camera viewing this spectacular event and listen to the gravity waves it makes.

Ethel Halloween Trailer

    One of the first projects I worked on in Full Sail’s Instructional Design team was VFX for Ethel.They gave me an opportunity to show off my skills from Super’mance and I had a lot of fun.There were times when I wasn’t sure what


After going to an open casting call for this UCF student short film I offered my VFX services to Ryan James. It began in earnest as a couple tests to show what I was capable of… Together, we worked on more than 100 VFX shots

Tesla Tips – Advice from the “Mad Scientist”

Nikola Tesla was considered one of the first “mad” scientists. Known for his theatrical displays of electricity, standing directly in the line of arcs of AC current, to prove it was safe. To his reclusive nature by moving his lab to Colorado to experiment away