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Michigan Lottery Collages

“New” from the Michigan Lottery. (not really) Try out one of our three new instant prize games. With Jackpots ranging from mild to absurd, you’re sure to have a grand old time.

Roth Shirt Co – Traverse City

I was interested in Roth Shirt Co’s brand and wanted to work with a local company to expand their social media influence. Here are several attempts to find their niche in animation.

Stop Motion Rig Test

This idea came during downtime between Flying Robot Production Projects a year or so ago to advertise myself. I’ve been meaning to utilize it in a music video, but for now, it will have to work as the beginning of a digital portfolio on Youtube.

Alzheimer’s Association Grand Rapids

Getting more involved in the local community is something I like to do. After meeting with the Grand Rapids Young Professionals during their “People” zoom meeting I contacted the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to give my services for the walk. I started by

MOD – Logo animation

This was an advertisement Mod and Co could use if they wanted to expand their design offerings to include Motion Graphics.

Make the Cut: Believer – Imagine Dragons // Music Video

        Adobe Make the Cut: featuring music by Imagine Dragons. Starting in March 18th Adobe revealed the assets for this contest. Entrants were given until April 8th to complete their unique cut and submit. Each contestant had different skills and faced similar challenges

Full Sail University Ecosystem

During my two years in the Instructional Design department, there was a major shift at Full Sail University.We moved from being a “straight shot” program moving from A to B to a more integrated approach that gave students time to focus on their portfolios throughout