Roth Shirt Co – Traverse City

I was interested in Roth Shirt Co’s brand and wanted to work with them to create something that could be used for social media or on their website. I came up with several ad campaigns you could call digital guerilla marketing.

My first attempt didn’t hit the mark as it misused a previous shirt design of the company

My second attempt tried to recreate the brand slightly altering its tagline…

After some feedback from the owner, I ventured forth with the next iteration using a shirt featured on their website.

Further feedback led me to believe that we needed to try one more time and create something memorable that built upon the brand adding more value instead of being a tool to market a shirt.

The final iteration of these ads really went laid back on the animation to match the brand of the company. Unfortunately, we didn’t match up with this concept either.

Overall I enjoyed working with them on this project and look forward to animating more Roth Shirt Co advertisements in the future.

If you enjoyed this work head over to Roth Shirt Co to check out some of their work!