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Logo Collection 2022: top four

This year I expanded into logos, it’s one of my favorite things to do, creating iconic glyphs to symbolize a company. The following post is a small batch of logos I created over the year featuring work from the Grand Rapids area and beyond using

Dragon Seed Book Cover

A while back I was wandering my library and found this old book called Dragon Seed by Pearl S. Buck. I was intrigued because I thought it might be about China. Since the book had no cover, I thought it would be appropriate to redesign

Alzheimer’s Association Grand Rapids

Getting more involved in the local community is something I like to do. After meeting with the Grand Rapids Young Professionals during their “People” zoom meeting I contacted the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to give my services for the walk. I started by

Queen’s Eye Spiced Rum

  Each spring break ushers in a paradigm of fun.With a new bottle designed to limit party-fouls,Queen’s Eye spiced rum is sure to be a staple at your next shindig.

Dock N Load Gaming Center

Dock N Load is a Computer Cafe concept that utilizes VR equipment in a modular set-up. The flagship location would be located in Orlando Florida across the street from Full Sail University and within the same complex as the Geek Easy.

Full Sail University Ecosystem

During my two years in the Instructional Design department, there was a major shift at Full Sail University.We moved from being a “straight shot” program moving from A to B to a more integrated approach that gave students time to focus on their portfolios throughout

Academic Innovation

While working in the Instructional Design Department, under Academic Innovation at Full Sail University, I had some free time to come up with new logos for us to use across the department.

Motion Graphics Trans-demographic Rubric

While working in the Motion Graphics Department at Full Sail University I was given time to redesign our rubrics. These Educational materials had to quickly convey the concepts behind our curriculum and how we would be grading students.

Full Sail University Running Club

Full Sail is a fast-paced learning experience with eight-hour workdays and open labs that last into the night. For me, running was a great way to get my mind off deadlines and decompress from school. This was a club concept for future students to use